Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays - From Our Family To Yours!

all vying to be Santa's newest Rudolph

(left to right) RP Newton - Production Manager, Deborah Way - Sales and Marketing Coordinator - Dave Hargis - Project Manager, Kristy Gorsuch - Design Manager, Steve Kendrick - Owner, Amy Jenkinson - Accountant

Kristy couldn't contain her excitement to get her very own red nose!

R.P. with his sad face when Steve told him he couldn't wear his Rudolph nose all day long.

Amy eager to be in a picture to show off her new style!

Dave - as always, adding his own style to everything he does.

Deb trying out her holiday flirt face. Whatcha think?

Left to themselves, the girls get out of control!
Steve - Calm and cool as always, The Leader of the Pack of these Crazy Nuts

R.P. marching to the beat of his own drum.

Thanks for being a part of our lives! We hope you have a great Holiday Season!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Home!

We are so excited to welcome Chris and Tamra as they have relocated to their new home on Daniel Island! Chris and Tamra designed their own home and are looking forward to unpacking and settling in to life in Charleston, SC. Their home is absolutely beautiful and we have really enjoyed working with them and are so glad to welcome them into the Structures family!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not because of the food, but because of what the holiday represents – a time to express selfless gratitude. In a year naturally filled with anxiety in the custom home building industry, I have personally witnessed many selfless acts performed to help those less fortunate. This past May, 4 local custom builders, John Wieland Homes, I’On Build, J.D Smith and Structures Building Company, their trade partners and suppliers all contributed time, money and sweaty labor to build 4 houses during a 1 week building blitz for Habitat for Humanity. Contributions for our home alone totaled more than $50,000, all during unprecedented economic times when many builders were uncertain of their own personal future. I specifically think of many superintendents I personally know and respect who are now out of work, trying to support their own families during this holiday season. Of course I also think of the mother of our Habitat home, Latoya Palmer and her daughters Dekaliah and Courtney, and their first Thanksgiving dinner in their beautiful new home. Finally, I am grateful for my tremendous staff, not only for their work on this project, but their willingness to work untold hours, day after day, late into the night when necessary, all for the ultimate benefit of our company and clients. I have many things to be thankful for this year!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The "Model" Home - The Way All Homes Were Intended to be Used

I'll never forget, after returning from his Builder 20 weekend in 2006, Steve announced to us that we were going to build a "green" model home. Though we weren't really sure of all the details, we were really excited as everything came together. Our main purpose was to have a place where we could meet our clients to work out the details for their own custom home. All of this was created in an effort to simplify the complex custom building process for our clients. Our model was such a great asset to us, but it doesn't stop there. . .

She was also known for her open door, to the local school board, planning meetings, book clubs, Habitat for Humanity planning and dreaming meetings and much more, but it still doesn't stop there. . .

If walls could talk, she would also tell of the:

Constant laughter she observed through the constant teasing, practical jokes and belly laughs that come from people who genuinely enjoy each others company. Great memories of birthday celebrations, Christmas dinner when everyone discovered that Amy was secretly a phenomenal cook and southern home cooked breakfasts around the dining room table. Even the serious and honest deep conversations often surfaced since we were among family.

Makes you think for a moment how much more we can "model" our own home in the same way. . . a place to knock out the business of life, reach out beyond ourselves into our community and most importantly, a place to invest in and love our family who lives within our four walls.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome to the Structures Family!

We are so excited to welcome Alan and Kathryn Murray into the Structures family! This week they purchased our model home located in I'On before it was even listed or officially on the market! What a great "challenge" of quickly moving our model home over to 32 Perseverance Street in I'On which is currently staged and on the market. Give us a call and let's schedule a visit if you're looking to buy, build a custom home or just looking around!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Company You Keep

Our NAHB Builder 20 club recently held it's bi-annual meeting at Payne & Payne Builders in Cleveland, OH. Builder 20 is a group of approximately 20 professional custom home builders from non-competing markets. We meet twice a year in one of our member's cities, to share ideas and improve our businesses. We discuss business operations in depth, share financial information, systems and construction methods.

I'm fortunate to have been accepted into this group, which is one of the founding Builder 20 groups started in 1995. Today there approximately 50 such groups around the country. Without hesitation, I can say our group is comprised of the best builders in the country, personally and professionally. Many have been named Builder of the Year in their territory, and a handful in the country. Joining this network is the single best decision I have made for our company.

We were all equally impressed with the operation of Payne & Payne, a family owned building business started by the father, Mike Payne Sr. and taken over by his three sons, Mike Jr., Dave and Eric. It was nice to see this dynamic at play, and I have to admit I couldn't help but think of positioning my company to be taken over by my children. They may have something different to say about that!

Many thanks to the Builder 20 fraternity and especially the Paynes for being such gracious hosts this fall. We look forward to hosting you all in Charleston this spring!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Scoop on Snoopy's Shack

Special thanks to Aaron Austin and the following companies for their generous donation of coordination and hard work that made the Structures/Herlong custom green doghouse possible!
84 Lumber
Buck Lumber
Cahill Contracting
Carolina Tree Brokers
Craftsman Services II
EB Design
Liberty Cedar
Sharon’s Painting
Southern Foam & Coating
Stock Building Supply
All the proceeds from the Daniel Island Park Day raffle went to the Rescue Resource Foundation!

Monday, October 20, 2008

One Smart Crew

A class of smart carpentry students from Garrett Academy took a tour of two I'On homes that we are currently building. The two houses are in different phases which enabled them to have a better understanding of the steps that must take place between final framing and moving into finishing out a home. I was very impressed as they listened attentively to Project Manager, Dave Hargis, as he shared from his own experience along with their great questions and interest in hearing his answers. I told these 9th and 10th graders that by their forethought, they are serving a need that's lacking within our industry. When asked about their personal aspirations, they varied from wanting to be a construction worker, becoming a custom home builder, to becoming an architect. I don't think it was a coincidence that many of them have been introduced to this occupation by a relative or someone they respect. . . a challenge to each of us not to underestimate the impact we can have on the choices this future generation is making right now for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not Alone in the Doghouse. . .

Structures Building Company and Herlong & Associates have teamed up as the dynamic duo for a fun challenge. A doghouse designed by Herlong & Associates will be built by Structures to be raffled off for local non-profits at the Daniel Island Park Day festival. Last year Structures walked away with 1st place for our playhouse, stay tuned to see how “Snoopy’s Shack” turns out, better yet, buy some raffle tickets for a chance to take a beautiful doghouse home. . . all for a great cause!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charleston Green Fair

This coming Sunday, September 28th, Charleston will host their 1st Annual Green Fair. This fun and educational event will be great for all ages and a perfect outing for the family. The fair will take place in Marion Square from 12-6pm and the event is FREE.

The purpose of the event is to introduce products, services and new technologies available to us in the Lowcountry. As you wander through over 75 booths, some of the topics and resources will include, Energy/Transportation, Health/Wellness and Green Building. Along with great educational resources, you can enjoy the delicious food vendors including Home Team Barbecue, Aluette, Taco Boy, Monza, The Glass Onion and Good Food Catering. What kind of fun things will you be able to do as a family? A demonstration by the South Carolina Aquarium and Children's museum, Puppet shows and a rock climbing wall.

What a great opportunity to support and enjoy "green" education and entertainment!

Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Ground Up

Congratulations to the Fischer family on the start of their new home in I'On! The past few weeks have started to reveal some of the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes in the design/build process. We feel very privileged to be adding them as the newest addition to our extended family!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Glance at Aaron's "Feat"

The SBC camera ends up in the oddest places to capture the most unusual sights. . . this was no exception. When the call came in from one of our incredible trade contractors about a leak, without delay, Service Manager, Aaron Austin was on his way to solve the problem. Crutches and cast from his recent injury led him up the huge staircase to the attic access. When we came to the access door, which could only be entered by an 8' ladder, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Deborah Way made her way up to see if she could find the cause of the leak. As she climbed, she noticed the ladder shifted. Surprised, she turned around to see Aaron was somehow climbing up behind her. After laughing and asking him what he was doing, there was no question that regardless of the cast on his leg, he was going to find the cause of the leak and get it fixed asap. And that he did.
Aaron constantly looks for ways to take customer service the the next rung on the ladder.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Built Wrong from the Start

While recently reading Energy-Smart Homes by Fine Homebuilding, I came across an article written by Joseph Lstiburek, discussing the Top 10 Blunders that Rot Your House, Waste Your Money, and Make You Sick. I thought his explanation on vented crawlspaces would be a great resource to pass along, here's what he had to say.

"Vented crawlspaces are moist enough to grow mushrooms. In the old days, we didn't insulate crawlspace floors, and we didn't air-condition houses. Crawlspaces (especially the floor framing)were warmed by the houses themselves. Now that we insulate floors, crawlspaces are within a degree or two of ground temperature. During most of the summer, this temperature is below the dew point of the outside air, even up north.

Venting a crawlspace allows moist outside air to condense on cool crawlspace surfaces. Consequently, the ventilation air is wetting the crawlspace rather than drying it. It's like opening a basement window in July: The walls sweat. And wet walls become moldy walls quickly.

The whole point of venting a crawlspace is to remove moisture. If we could import hot, dry air from Tucson to ventilate moist crawlspaces in Tupelo, venting crawlspaces would be a great idea. But for Tupelo air to ventilate Tupelo crawlspaces, the air needs to be dry enough to pick up moisture, and it needs energy (heat) to evaporate the moisture. This isn't going to happen, and here's why: Tupelo air isn't hot and dry. Neither is Toledo air, Tallahassee air, nor Toronto air.

A crawlspace is just a mini-basement and should be treated as such. (It's like a basement for a troll.) You should condition the air in your mini-basement. Make it part of the house because, despite what you might think, it already is. Heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer with a supply duct or grille (but ask your fire inspector about this). Don't insulate the floor; insulate the perimeter, and install a continuous ground cover to keep out moisture."

To read more, pick up Energy-Smart Homes, Winter 2008 Edition or visit Fine Homebuilding. Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., is principal of Building Science Corp. in Westford, Mass.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bottoms Up?

Amy's morning ritual consists of her two cups of java to get her morning started off on the right foot. Doesn't take long to see, that a morning for Amy without coffee isn't very pleasant or productive for that matter. As Accountant, Amy calculates

Drumming It Up

Dave Hargis, drummer of the band, Kurly Wolf headed up to Virgina to raise money in a benefit concert for Captain James Howard. Dave and James met in middle school and have remained friends even as their lives have taken different paths. Dave moved to Charleston and James served in Iraq as a Captain in the Army and trained to be in the Special Forces. His life was altered earlier this year by a swimming accident that left James paralyzed.

Friends and family members immediately rallied around James and continue to support him through this tragedy. Dave Hargis, Nick and Dennis, members of Kurly Wolf, knew that they wanted to be an integral part of this fundraiser to help lighten the financial burden. We are proud to announce that Kurly Wolf and three other bands raised over $12,000 for James as he continues treatment and rehabilitation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Halfway to a Dozen!

Congratulations to Kristy Gorsuch, Design Manager, for her 6th year anniversary! Thanks for all you've done and continue to do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Come "Terry" Awhile in a Structures Home

What a way to start off a Monday by seeing our friend and Daniel Island client, Terry Haas, from HGTV's Designed to Sell on the front cover of Charleston Home and Design Magazine! Terry and Tim are a great addition to our ever-growing family of satisfied clients. Don't take it from me. . . click here to read what Terry had to say about about their experience with Structures.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If Walls Could Talk

We believe that each day is full of opportunities for us to leave our signature on all of our work. As individuals and a team, we keep ourselves accountable to each other but really value the feedback of each of our clients. For many years we've hired GuildQuality, a third party company to survey each of our customers. Each client is asked a series of questions ranging from very specific aspects to their overall experience with us during the building process.

Steve put it best when he said, "GuildQuality has served as a critical feedback loop for our company- feedback that frankly I don't know how we lived without. We are so impressed with the simplicity, professionalism and follow-up of their surveying process, reflected in our 100% response rate. Our staff anxiously awaits each survey, taking the results to heart and helping to drive our customer service culture. GuildQuality has helped to make us a better company."

A recent quote we received on a GuildQuality survey from an out-of-town client,

"They were the greatest team I've ever worked with! They are a bunch of unbelievably professional and excellent group of people who care. We have done a lot of construction, and it is hard to find a company that cares the way that they do. They have done an incredible job!"

To learn more about GuildQuality. . .

Monday, July 28, 2008

Green Homeowners Insurance

This is the first-ever admitted green insurance available to homeowners in the United States. Setting a new standard, Fireman's Fund ( is offering this innovative product to homeowners who currently own green homes or who want to upgrade their residences with green features after a loss using environmental safety and efficiency standards. To read more. . .

From the Mountains to the Beach

Congratulations Jody on your recent purchase of a Structures home on Daniel Island! Welcome to Charleston and the Structures family!

Friday, July 25, 2008

When Words Just Aren't Enough

Throughout construction, one of our goals as a custom home builder is to help our clients' desires become a reality for a place they will call "home". By simplifying the systems and processes that are often very stressful, we are able to create an enjoyable experience. Just last week, Design Manager, Kristy Gorsuch, was helping I'On clients, Steve and Carol, select light fixtures at a local showroom, when a question came up for a particular placement of one fixture. Stumped for a moment, they tried to visualize how a certain fixture would look in this one location. Our client, Carol, recalled that Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Deborah Way, had just captured the exact place in a weekly photo update that was located in their web-based, Interactive Home Builder account. Logging into their on-line account, they were able to pull up the photo to clearly see the exact location and what should be selected in order to compliment the design of the room. Who would have guessed that a "perk" we've created to keep our out of town clients aware of the intricate details of their ever changing home, would double as an actual resource to selecting their light fixture. In this case, seeing was believing.

In photo above: Todd, Kristy and Cole Gorsuch seen with Deborah Way, at a Structures Family Picnic

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Take it from the Top

Whenever I pick up the Charleston Regional Business Journal, I skim the highlights and look for the few articles I like to read in full. Today I read the column written by Career Coach, Barbara Poole, Manage your castle with love, service and authenticity. In a nutshell, she made the point that great management follows a model called the "CASTLE" principle. She mentions the six different qualities this principle embodies and the way it can be seen in management.

1) Courage - "takes us out of our comfort zone but also holds the promise of possibility for both personal and professional breakthroughs."
2) Authenticity - "removing the mask and showing up to work as they really are."
3) Service - "realizing the best way to maximize productivity is to inspire and serve the people on their team."
4) Truthfulness - "Being honest is easy when times are good, but the real test of integrity is how the truth gets told when business is more challenging."
5) Love - "Love is another word for "care," and our ability to care about and for the people with whom we work speaks volumes about the kind of leaders we are."
6) Effectiveness - "Not just being a good guy. . . but having the high levels of performance which are essential to survival."

Not many employees of other custom home builders have the privilege of reading the article and saying, "Yep, that describes my boss." Truth be told, Kristy, RP, Amy, Dave, Aaron and I would say, "Hands down, Steve understands and lives out the CASTLE principle and honestly, a lot more. . . And yet even more companies would never consider having any kind of contact outside of work with co-workers, the fact that we actually like one another is also a rarity. Steve has handpicked his team and we couldn't be happier as a Structures Family. We think he feels the same, at least most of the time. :-)

We can't help but aspire to live them out too, as we see these qualities lived out from the Top. It starts within the walls of our office, and permeates our interactions with the "extended family", made up of clients, trade contractors, vendors, and the community around us.

Thanks Steve!

Your Structures Family

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sitting in the "Green" Chair

After 3 years of being the Chairman of the Custom Building Council with Charleston Trident Home Builders Association, I'm looking forward to directing my attention to chairing Charleston's new Green Building Council. Since 2005, Structures Building Company has been building "green" custom homes in Charleston's coastal communities. We are seeing the rise of awareness and interest among consumers, builders, trade contractors and vendors with a desire to become more educated on "green" living and building. Through the Green Building Council, we look forward to helping connect people and build relationships to further facilitate and educate the benefits of "green" building.

Photo Courtesy of Fung+Blatt Architects

Monday, July 7, 2008

Singing in the Rain, Remix

On a rainy, April evening, customers Tom and Wanda Martin were surprised to see Structures' favorite landscaper, Carolina Tree Brokers installing sod. Not only were they surprised to see them working on a rainy evening, but they were replacing sod in front of their new neighbor's house! No, it wasn't a mistake. Bill and his brother Todd had been asked by R.P. Newton, Project Manager on the Martin's remodel, to perform the work after learning that the sod had possibly been damaged by Structures trades during the Martin's remodel. Appreciative homeowner Tom Martin summed it up perfectly in a late night email to R.P. - "I'll never forget the scene of Gene Kelly in that 1950's musical. . . 'I'm sodding in the rain, just sodding in the rain, what a wonderful greening, I'm seeding again. . .'. To what R.P. replied, "Tom, whatever you're drinking. . . can you make me a double?"

Above - Bill Watson, owner of Carolina Tree Brokers with Deborah Way, SBC Sales and Marketing Coordinator during Habitat Blitz week.
On right - R.P. Newton, SBC Estimator, "driving in" business at the Habitat for Humanity car wash.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Structures Looking to LEED the Way. . .

Building "green" is not new to us, since 2005 we have been building to the EarthCraft standard in all of our custom homes. Continuing our efforts to be an innovator in "green" building, we are studying the benefits of building to the new LEED for Homes standard. Click on LEED FAQ to learn more about the LEED program and the benefits it has to offer our homeowners.

July Newsletter

Check Us Out!

Some current blog entries include our Habitat for Humanity Builders Blitz, recent awards, "green" building practices and company stories highlighting one of our trade contractors. Be sure to stay tuned. . .

Of course, bricks, lumber and shingles naturally come to mind when building a home. Leave it to us to add something unconventional like a blog to the building process. Check out our blog and don't forget to add it to your list of "favorites". Check in periodically to see informative and interesting entries about building, our company, as well as other noteworthy items going on in Charleston. We hope to also use the blog to give you an inside look into our talented and fun employees, clients, trade contractors and vendors that make up our incredible extended family!

BuildingSuccess 101
Q: How difficult is it to move a wall to enlarge a room?

A: That depends. If the wall is non-structural (meaning it is not vital to the home's stability), moving it slightly can be accomplished. If moving the wall affects the size or location of a door or window opening or other feature in that room or an adjacent space, the alteration is more difficult, time-consuming, and costly. The movement of structural walls, especially once the house has been completely framed, is often prohibitive in cost.

Managing Change
When we're on the job site, we want to make the most progress possible on our clients' new home. Building is a dynamic and exciting process; one that we try to make trouble free and easy to understand. Once we get going, things can happen quickly, so we work with our clients to make decisions well ahead of time to help ensure they get the home of their dreams.
Before the first scoop of dirt is moved, we collaborate with our home owners to make most of the big decisions, but that is rarely the end of the process. Once we're underway, owners often think of a few things they'd like to change. Such changes may range from making the house larger to a change in bathroom cabinets, a different floor pattern or material in the kitchen, or just adding an extra light switch or two.

We document such requests, called "change orders," to make sure that we and the homeowners have a clear understanding of the scope and cost of the change. Although our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied with their new home (with no unpleasant surprises when it's time to pay the bill), it's also important for the homeowner to understand how change orders affect the building process. When owner and builder communicate well, the impact of change orders on construction schedule and budget can be minimized.

A change order made after construction begins always has a cost attached. The cost may be the time (and labor) it takes to make the change or it may be the price of additional materials or products required -- and usually both.

The timing of a change order has a big impact on such costs. Typically, the later in the building process, the more expensive the change order. Some changes, of course, are simply impossible or truly cost prohibitive, such as altering the foundation or adding a basement once we've started building a home's structural frame.

We respect our clients' desires to get exactly the house they want. We know that some finishes (or even floor plans) may be hard to visualize until they're actually installed or built. Changes will happen! For that reason, we've become more sophisticated and systematic about managing change orders. Our process not only ensures good communication and provides assurances between everyone involved, but also helps us maintain the building schedule and minimize additional costs.

The change order process: The most effective change order processes follow a general pattern that creates a paper trail and provides reliable cost information up front, including:
Centralization. Your change order requests are often managed by one person to help ensure effective communication between everyone involved. This includes specialty trade contractors, suppliers, our job site managers, and, of course, our customer. We discourage owners from making special requests directly to a trade contractor, as this is a quick route to misunderstandings and disrupted schedules.

Customer requests are transferred to an electronic or paper-based change order form that initiates a paper trail and helps ensure greater accuracy and communication.
Terms. We anticipate many of the changes our homebuyers make. We have a good idea of the cost and time most changes require. As a result, we can often communicate the terms quickly so that owners can make an informed decision in plenty of time to make the change or decide against it.

It's important to everyone involved that no change occurs without a client signature. Clients must approve the cost and terms, as well as the style, finish, or other details about the change. In addition, clients must be aware of how the change may affect their move-in date or other aspects of the construction schedule.

We may request a client to visit the new home's job site when the alteration is being made so they can see it happen, ask any questions and insure satisfaction.

Costs for change orders may be billed separately, usually as soon as the change has been made and completed to a client's satisfaction. Sometimes we ask for a percentage of the cost or full payment up front before making the alteration, depending on the type of request.

By using a dedicated, document-based change order system, our clients are assured that any changes they consider -- whether minor or extreme -- are taken care of in a timely fashion without confusion, miscommunication or unnecessary costs.

Warm Regards,
Steve Kendrick
Structures Building Company
PO Box 2267
Mt Pleasant, SC 29465
843.856.6901 - phone

c. 2008 All rights reserved.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Congratulations on Another Year!

Congratulations to Project Manager, Dave Hargis, on his third year anniversary with Structures Building Company!

In photo, William Kendrick, playing alongside Dave

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Structures Wins the 2008 Prism Award for Best Customer Service

May 22nd, Structures Building Company was pleased to receive the Best Customer Service Award and Exceptional Service Award for the fourth year in a row from the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association! The Customer Service Award is the cumulative result of over 54 customers surveyed by Guild Quality, a third party customer surveying service, located in Atlanta, GA.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Habitat Blitz Week

Habitat Day 1

7:30am arrival to a site with only the foundation and bandboard. Alex and Jose’ Mejia and their crew agreed to take on the task of constructing a house in one day. Even though every time Dave Hargis, Structures Building Company Project Manager would ask if they were going to finish, they wouldn’t commit. A crew of 12 started off and as some had to leave, others received a call and gave up their Saturday to come out and lend a hand for the great cause! All in all, it took them a little over 12 hours to frame up Latoya and Dekaliah’s house!
Things that stick in our mind from Day One.

Dave telling Steve to pick up hot chocolate from Lowes for Alex, when Alex was actually asking for chalk for his chalk line. (It’s a wonder the house got built with Dave interpreting!)

Seeing the determination of Alex and Jose’s crew as we tossed pizza boxes on the roof since they wouldn’t climb down for a dinner break.

The guys finishing up by the head lights of R.P.’s truck.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Habitat Blitz - Construction Challenge

Soon-to-be homeowner Latoya Palmer (front left) and Deborah Way of Structures Building Company pile into a bathtub with (back, from left) Dave Hargis, R.P. Newton and Steven Kendrick, all of Structures, the general contractor for Palmer's home. To read more...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Incredible Partnership

Here is our incredible list of donors that made Latoya and Dekaliah's house possible!

84 Lumber, A&E Digital Printing, AGM, B&D Heating & Air, Best Buy Blinds, Carolina Tree Brokers, Bird Hardware, Brixx Pizza in Belle Hall, Cahill Contracting, Carolina Lanterns, Carpet Baggers Flooring, Carrabbas Italian Grille, Charleston Bagel, Charleston Closet, Coastal Dentistry, Compliments Tile and Ceramics, Contractor Nail and Tool, Craftsman Services II, Cupcake in Belle Hall, Custom Creations, Daniel Island Real Estate, Domino's Pizza, in Park West, Dunkin Doughnuts on Hwy 17, East Coast Plumbing & Gas, Ferguson Enterprises, First Citizens Bank, Glass Act Production, Hess Gas Station on Hwy 17, HD Supply, Heyward Townsend, ITC Millworks, James Hardi, Jersey Mikes on Coleman Blvd, KFC on Hwy 17 & 41, Lord and Evans, Lowcountry Stone Solutions, McAlisters Deli in Belle Hall, Mejia Brothers Construction, The Muhler Company, New Horizon Shutters, Port City Supply, Premier Lighting Supply, Sharon's Painting, Southern Foam & Coating, Subway at the Pantry on Hwy 17 & 41, Sullivan's Custom Cabinets, Tidelands Bank, Tree Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Avinger, Sue Boyer, Anna Genslar, Aly Greer, Melssa Griffin, Rod Groff, Austin Henne, Tony Hlavacek, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Johnston, Craig Jones, Tim Kallgren, Trey Kernaghan, Anne, Sophie and William Kendrick, Sara Koenig, Wynn Kopp, Mandy Newton, Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson, Rebecca Tuck, Alex Twigg and many more. . .