Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays - From Our Family to Yours!

I hope this Holiday greeting finds you and your family well as we hopefully slow the pace in this season of celebration! What a year it's been for all of us and I think you'd agree that its been full of opportunities to climb some pretty huge mountains. This year has been so challenging, but let's not forget that it's also come with rewards, maybe they just look a little different than we were all used to. . .

Instead of Ease
- words like Perseverance have taken it's place, instead of Sheer Abundance - words like Gratitude and Simplicity and instead of accidentally taking People/Things for granted - hopefully our thoughts linger a bit longer on those things that truly last, Family, Faith, Freedom. As the Structures Team reflected over the last year, we looked at the huge challenges and then we counted the blessings we carry with us from 2009. From that reflection came some of the words in our photo. Words that helped to carry through this year and we'll take with us into 2010! We stand with smiles, not because this year was a piece of cake, but because in light of the challenge, there is still so much to be grateful for!

What would be your word for this year?

Happy Holidays

Kristy, Amy, Dave, R.P., Deborah & Steve, at Structures Building Company

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Greater Prize, Still Being Present. . .

Receiving the award for Best Custom Product for 2-3 million

Since our founding 10 years ago, Structures has entered Charleston’s annual Prism Awards, a ceremony that celebrates the best designs, craftsmanship, customer service and sales in the local building industry. Fortunately, we have walked out of the event with at least one award every year. Some years, frankly, I took it for granted that we should win an award, except for this year. This year was special.

The awards ceremony was held on a shoestring budget, no MC, there was a cash bar, and the feature speaker was our Charleston Trident Home Builders Association’s wonderful president, Tori Martindale of Atlantic Remodeling. Tori spoke about a year that was eerily similar to ours; one that included layoffs, paycuts, benefit cuts and a reduction in overhead that involved consolidating into a home office. The room was quiet and a few tears were shed, as she spoke about the challenges we’ve all faced this year. I also couldn’t help but notice how empty the room was. There were some new faces, but the faces of builder friends were few and far between. Many have lost their businesses or are starting over. Some likely didn’t have much to celebrate this year, it was humbling.

As I sat through the program and awards, I was again humbled as Structures did really well at this year’s event. We were recognized in a diverse group of categories;

1. The award for Affordable Housing for Latoya Palmer’s Habitat Home
2. Charleston’s Green Builder of the Year Award
3. The award for the Best Luxury Built Home for the Behren’s Residence
4. Custom Builder Customer Service Award from GuildQuality

Deborah Way receiving the award for Green Building Company

In receiving these awards, I'm humbled by the tireless determination and standard that comprises those within the Structures family and our amazing team of trades. We all share the same commitment for building “green” custom homes, regardless of size or budget. . . our high standard remains the same.

The awards mean more this year, because honestly, we're humbled and thankful to have made it through another year - a year that's strengthened each of us to the core. . .

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Curled Up at the Cottage

I often take for granted the quiet moments to sit, reflect or simply read a good book... Its one of those things I have to plan and not just assume will happen.

After the Coastal Living open house today and one more late showing from a couple from out of town, I decided that pulling out my book and plopping on the couch would be perfect for an hour... Nothing like relaxing in a beautiful space, hearing the fountain in the courtyard, and reading beside the fire, if only I didn't have to go home...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singing in the Rain

When clients select a design/build or custom process with Structures, our job and joy is to cater to the needs and desires specific to their building process. We love taking care of all of the details and over the past 10 years of being in business, we have gained an impeccable reputation for building for the local and out-of-town clients. Our goal is to give each client a building experience where they can love and enjoy the process, and be led with their own on-staff, Design Manager, through the many details that make their home truly custom.

When Mr. and Mrs. Kemp arrived at the Charleston airport to visit their Daniel Island Park custom home, they were greeted with the downpours to our beautiful Charleston. No worries though, the rain wasn't going to rain on our parade... We simply gathered up the golf umbrellas and toured around inside their roofless home answering questions and making little changes to the plans... again, some of the benefits to the custom build process, if we're able to make something happen, we're happy to figure out a way to do it!

Throughout the next day we will enjoy catching up, (like a great family reunion) along with walking them through the custom process of picking out a handful of selections we'll need selected for the next phase of construction that will take place before they fly back down for their upcoming scheduled visit. Hoping the next visit will be just as great as this one, excluding the rain. . . :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Girls Gone Wild

Leave it to Angie Hranowsky, interior designer for the 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage, to pack out Hot Wheels roller skating rink to rock out her 40th birthday!

Everyone came out to celebrate her life as well as accept the challenge of putting on roller skates to make it around the rink without breaking their neck! No one ended up in the emergency room, but there were plenty of ice packs handed out by the men working that night as mature women ended up on their duffs, knees and who knows what. :-) But that didn't keep them from going back out for another dose of skating, or for those who were too injured to skate, they took up sock dancing in the middle of the rink.

As I told Angie, I think some of these women literally drop their kids off at school and head to the roller skating rink on a weekly basis - some of them were waaaaaay too good for just slipping on those skates for the first time since childhood. Unlike me, my feet had not stepped foot in roller skates since I was probably 8 years old. . . I'll admit, I did play out the story I'd have to tell if I had broken a bone roller skating, would have been a memorable one to tell I'm sure. Much to my surprise but excitement, I made it out without a fall!

The fun skating party wouldn't have been complete without also enjoying one of Angie's favorite treats, an incredible birthday cake from the local downtown Charleston Sugar Bakeshop, on Cannon Street.

Glad someone thought to have a skate party in the double digits, though she DID put us all to to shame with her skating skills! :-) Happy Birthday Angie!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hats Off to Our Brothers in Ohio!

Congratulations to Payne and Payne Builders, located in Ohio! They received the prestigious NAHB Builder of the Year award at this years Custom Builder Symposium! This award does not come without a tireless attention to details, craftsmanship and an incredible effort from each member of their team!

We've been a part of the same NAHB Builder 20 Group for many years and count it a privilege to give praise where it is due - All the best to all of our extended family at Payne and Payne!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coastal Living Idea Cottage - Kitchen Video Tour & More. . .

Soak in the beautiful details that Lindsey Ellis Beatty, Coastal Living Market and Style Editor,will point out that went into this beautiful design. I remember when designer, Angie Hranowsky showed us the Ann Sacks designer tile for the kitchen wall - completely steals the show!

Check out other videos below that take you room by room through the Idea Cottage and a little tour of I'On Village where it's located! (videos are highlighted in red)

Enjoy the Overview of I'On Village to see the great landscape that surrounds the Jefferson Canal Courtyards where the 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage was the first among 10 that will
be built in the heart of I'On Village along the Jefferson Canal.

Come tour through the Exterior and Courtyard details that set this right-sized cottage apart. Many minds have been working tirelessly to figure out how we can make it a low maintenance home that will stand the test of time. From Hardi siding, AAC block, and countless other "green" features that save on energy, efficiency and the wallet! Forget a home that's just "green" but also one that lends itself to a relaxed, simplified and comfortable lifestyle too. A private courtyard for calm evenings or lively parties - yours to decide!

The Master Bedroom is a great getaway that overlooks the Jefferson Canal as well as the private courtyard!

You won't know where to look over dinner in the Dining Room. The bottle cap artwork by Molly B. Right, draws a crowd, as well as the peaceful courtyard with the soothing sound that flows from the fountain along the stucco wall.

The Guest Suite is a hidden haven above the attached garage. Angie Hranowsky did an amazing job creating a soothing environment through the comfortable furnishings and colors that makes you want to sit down and stay for awhile.

Overlooking the Jefferson Canal Courtyard is the cozy Den. Grab the book you've been meaning to finish or curl up and watch a little T.V. in a space that can be closed off with pocket doors. Designed to be a "flex space", the den can also be turned into a 3rd bedroom option as it has direct access to a full bath. If you don't just love the novel idea of a fun sleeping nook, no worries, it can be turned into a walk-in closet, small office or wet bar.

Decorating Small Spaces? This cottage is chocked full of creative ideas in architecture and decorating details that are Caribbean/Island inspired. A beautiful mix of neutral and bold colors, vintage and modern - a new little twist to our beautiful Low Country!

If you missed an opportunity to tour through the home, please call us to schedule a private tour - we'd love the privilege of showing you around! 843.856.6901

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Moods of the Color Pink

They say that different colors create a different mood, Red = Excited, Blue = Calm, Orange = Daring, Gray = Bored. This past Saturday, Pink was the color that painted the streets of Daniel Island and in many cases Pink reflected many moods and feelings that were felt by all - Hope, Fear,Victory, Sadness, Courage, Love.

For the 8th year in a row, Daniel Island residents and businesses hosted the annual Susan G. Komen, Race For the Cure to show their support for those who have been personally touched or know someone dear to them who has been touched by breast cancer.

For me, the names that come to my mind as an inspiration have deeply touched me, directly or indirectly with their battle, they have left their mark on me. I have seen them run with courage, their family and friends battling beside them and they have inspired me to cherish each day I've been blessed with on this earth.

In celebration of Donna's life, many poor families in a remote village in India have been and continue to be touched by her beautiful life as a foundation was set up in honor of her name - her legacy lives on. In my dear friend Sara's life, who carried out her dream of starting her own sewing business, because of the love for sewing and the talent that her amazing mother passed along to her - her mother's legacy lives on. Sandy, a family friend and mother of four who battled and is reminded daily of this disease by the scars she carries on her body - her hope lives on.

Check out the local Post and Courier newspaper article highlighting some of the amazing lives - Proof of a miracle: Racing for a cure.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting the Most Square Footage for Your Money?

When considering building a custom home, it is common for clients to ask the question, "How much is it a square foot?" Seems like a great question to ask, but if they stop with just hearing that number, it also leaves the client lacking important information to help understand how great or poor of an investment they are considering. What if we purchased a car based off that question? You might just end up purchasing...

instead of. . .

You'd have room galore, but could be very unhappy with the end result. A few things that square footage doesn't measure.
  1. Durability - What building methods, seen and unseen, will be used to build your home? How do the they protect your investment? Do they prevent moisture problems behind the walls? Often, client's focus on the interior trim, cabinetry and cabinets, all of which are important, but can mask issues elsewhere.
  2. Electric and Water Bills - What will the average monthly utility bills be after you move in? Clients are often shocked to learn that proper building methods can reduce utility bills by more than $100 each month!
  3. Fine Craftsmanship - Does the home reflect the design quality and timeless details that our designers can help you craft? Will you be proud to show off your new home to your friends and family?
  4. Indoor Air Quality - What methods are used to improve the quality of the air you and your family breath?
  5. Customer Service - When building/buying a home, you are buying a product, process and a promise. Make sure there's a great connection and chemistry with the company you choose to help you select your "haven". Also make sure their reputation reveals that their investment in their clients extends past closing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Island Living on Daniel Island

Terry Haas of HGTV's Designed to Sell is a resident of beautiful Daniel Island as well as a much loved Structures Building Company client. We've had the privilege of knowing Tim and Terry for over the past 2 years as they found their place to call home on Daniel Island, what a privilege it is to also have them as part of our family.

Take a tour through the island with Terry, she is able to share from personal experience about the "Island Life" that she and her husband have claimed for their family.

For more information about how you can enjoy the Island Living for yourself, contact the great team of Daniel Island agents who would love to help meet your buying needs!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Coastal Living Idea Cottage - October Edition is Soon To Be Out!

Monday was off to a great start, but little did I know that my quick trip to my personal PO Box would make Monday even sweeter! I reached in my box to pull out the long awaited October edition of Coastal Living magazine! I eagerly flipped through the pages to find the 2009 Idea Cottage we, (Structures Building Company) had the privilege of building was now staring me back in the face. Pages 35-55 show how the details were beautifully photographed by Tria Giovan. Tria flew down back in July and we've been holding our breath waiting to see this edition! The Coastal Living staff and local team did an amazing job from start to finish on this entire project, what a great little souvenir to say the least! This edition should hit the newsstands later this week. . . pick it up for some really fun and fresh ideas! Special thanks to Editor in Chief, Lindsey Bierman, Bill McDougald, VP, Southern Progress Homes Group, Nicole Hendrick, Idea Home Manager, and all many others from the Coastal Living team, Melissa Bigner, Freelance Writer for Coastal Living magazine, Tom and Vince Graham, Angie Hranowsky, local interior designer, Historical Concepts, Kerns Landscape Architects, Helen Geer of William Means and her incredible Sales and Marketing team and countless national and local sponsors! Hope you enjoy seeing how all your hard work has paid off!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joseph Makes A Trip To The "Holy City"

Enjoying an evening downtown in Charleston, SC! I truly do love living in a place that's so beautiful, surrounded by water, and not to mention, a fun arts community! On the agenda tonight includes seeing Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Charleston Stage. Very impressive cast! This performance has been running since September 9th and will have the last show on September 20th and you can purchase your ticket right here online. Be sure to make your way down to The College Of Charleston Sottile Theatre to enjoy a great evening of entertainment!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

RP, Production Manager, is caught hard at work taking care of the courtyard at the Coastal Living Idea Cottage. When he saw the fountain needed some attention, he was quick to pull out his beach bucket to jump right in. So glad he was prepared to share his toys for the sake of the team.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothing Was Going To Rain On Our Parade (Or In This Case, Our Party)

Admiring Bottle Cap Artwork by Molly B. Right.
Chad Besenfelder, Geoff Graham and Steve Kendrick

"Over and above what we expected" is the best way to sum up the Coastal Living Idea Cottage party! After months of planning, every detail of the house was ready for its first debut- the tent arrived (and then a second tent, as it appeared that the clouds and rain would be our uninvited guest) caterer and steel drummer were ready to go, and five minutes after the start of the party, sprinkles began to fall from the sky. We all thought it would affect the attendance, but we estimate that close to 300 guests arrived to take in this beautiful home and celebrate alongside us!Peeking into the Sleeping Nook from the cozy Den
Enjoying the Festivities

Every direction you could see people all around, enjoying themselves and taking in the beautiful colors, designs and decor that local designer, Angie Hranowsky dreamed up for the Caribbean style home. Not to mention the attention to architectural detail by acclaimed, Historical Concepts and beautiful private courtyard design by Kerns Landscape Architecture.The Complete Coastal Living Idea Cottage team. (Left to right, Hutch Kerns and Tamra Graham from Kerns Landscape Architecture, Vince Graham, Nicole Hendrick, Idea Home Manager, Lindsay Bierman, Editor in Chief, Bill McDougald, VP, Southern Progress Homes Group, Melissa Bigner, Freelance Writer for Coastal Living magazine, Angie Hranowsky, Interior Designer, Deborah Way, Structures Building Company Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Steve Kendrick, Owner of Structures Building Company, Dave Hargis, Structures Building Company Project Manager, Kevin Clark, Historical Concepts, Rebecca Guertin, Historical Concepts and Dan Osborne, Historical Concepts)

We can't thank the Coastal Living magazine staff enough for making the trip to Charleston for the great celebration, Lindsay Bierman, Editor in Chief, Bill McDougald, VP, Southern Progress Homes Group, Sara Anderson, Executive Editor, Julia Rutland, Senior Editor -Food, Margaret Barnhart, Southeast Account Manager, Corinne Brown, Southeast Director -Travel/Real Estate and Nicole Hendrick, Idea Home Manager who lead so beautifully from start to finish!Lyles and Helen Geer, William Means Real Estate
Deborah Way, Structures Building Company, Tiffany Shanklin and Heidi Stroup of William Means Real Estate

Special thanks to Coastal Living magazine and William Means Real Estate for throwing an amazing party! Helen Lyles Geer, you have an incredible team that planned and took care of every detail from start to finish! We couldn't have done it without the countless hours of Drew Grossklaus, Heidi Stroup, Tiffany Shanklin and Sharon Jackson!

From start to finish, it's been an absolute success! Already the tours are under way and have been well attended for the first two weekends! Don't forget to plan a time to swing by to soak up some fresh ideas and support two amazing charities, East Cooper Habitat for Humanity and East Cooper Montessori Charter School. You may find that you just want to move right in!
Structures Building Company Team (Left to right, Amy Jenkinson, Accountant, Kristy Gorsuch, Design Manager, Steve Kendrick, Owner, Deborah Way, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, R.P. Newton, Production Manager and Dave Hargis, Project Manger)

photography by juliet elizabeth photography

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Congratulations to the Pylants!

Glad to see the Pylant's are really starting to make this Daniel Island Park house their home! Congratulations from the team at Structures!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcoming Our Newest Addition To The Structures Family!

(Left to Right - Steve Kendrick with Herb and Dolores at their beautiful lot on Daniel Island Park)

We are so excited to have Herb and Dolores of Connecticut as part of our family! They arrived this past Monday to enjoy a bit of their future tromping grounds of Daniel Island Park and to meet their project team at a pre-construction meeting. You couldn't find us in one place for too long as we had meetings scheduled to begin selections - of course much fun was had by all and the memories are already being made. (isn't that right Bob?) :-) A special thanks to our vendors/suppliers who were SO helpful along with clients, Lee Helmer, Lynn Anglin and Bud Wofford, (Structures clients) who allowed us to visit their homes to gather different ideas for selections and details! We're off to a great start!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men In A Tub

In construction there are ALWAYS different hiccups, but we like to surround ourselves with a teams of problem-solvers! Mark Riling and his amazing team, William and Eric of East Coast Plumbing and Gas, showed up bright and early with an idea and a solution to our challenge. Relentless to help us achieve a our standard of excellence along with their standard, we found 3 grown men in a tub, well, not really, that's a mental picture we can definitely do without!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coastal Living Idea Cottage - Den Room Video Tour

Talented designer, Angie Hranowsky brought a bold and fun idea to the den through a beautiful and cozy plum that makes you want to curl up on the couch with one of the hundreds of books found on the floor to ceiling built-ins or watch a movie on a quiet evening. While it is a den, this flex room has the option to be used as a downstairs 3rd bedroom with access to full bathroom. The den also enjoys the views of the Jefferson Canal located in the heart of I'On Village.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Biden Time, Not "Biding Time"

I just received this story from the Tori Stein, President of the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association and thought it was worth passing along. It's always great to hear of a great local company that isn't "biding time" (just waiting around), but is always ready to step up to the bat like a team player - especially in light of Biden's arrival into Charleston, SC, yesterday afternoon for his week long vacation on Kiawah Island.

"Late Friday evening I (Tori) was called to help prepare a house of a long-term client for the arrival of Vice President Biden which strict confidence requested. I was not given a to-do list or any indications of the needs, wants or desire of the point staff that landed on the house until Monday morning. And while I have many humorous stories about Secret Service and the Kiawah Concierge I must give Jim Clark of ESS (Environmental Solutions & Services) and Frank Smith of eLifespaces the recommendations and kudos they deserve.

Jim and Frank dropped everything to work on an incredible list of items with some requests at the 11th hour that I initially thought was impossible to accomplish. I could only tell them that it was important and imperative the work was completed by 2:00 yesterday. (Frank was the last to leave at 1:59.) Both of them were quick to brain-storm on how to meet the goals with excellent humor and focus without tripping over the army of housekeepers, landscapers, ABI carpenters, and Men-in-black. Neither blinked but agreed to be on call with me for the next 7 days 24/7 without questions.

If you are not using these companies then you are missing the boat on providing your clients the best possible service and product. They will make you look like a Star. My deepest appreciation to these gentlemen and their expertise for making an incredible undertaking flow smoothly and seemingly effortless style.


Tori Stein, CAPS, CGP

2009 President of Charleston Trident Home Builders Association

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Following the Leaders

Ahmad with his daughter, Analla, Ahmad's Sister, Keema and me

It's a great feeling to be a part of a company that understands the importance of an investment and a promise. Whether that applies to the investment of each client and their custom home or the lives we come in contact with throughout life.Ahmad's daughter Analla, graduate David and me

For 7 years prior to beginning my position at Structures Building Company, I had the privilege of being the Assistant Director/Lead Teacher for the Faith, Hope and Love Mentoring Program in Charlotte, NC. Having the opportunity to have these "kids" a part of my life for the past 11 years has been one of my greatest joys!
Proud Grandmother Byrd who has raised her amazing grand daughter, Karen

What a privilege I've had seeing the milestones these leaders have worked for as they just graduated from high school and prepare themselves for college!

PeeWee, Doran and me

Kare'n and I enjoying Sophie's performance in the play, Guys and Dolls Jr while Kare'n came down to enjoyed a weekend away in Charleston before heading off for college.

Kare'n, Sophie and me after the play!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hats Off

Rendering for Coastal Living was done by Muir Stewart

Hats off to the incredible team that made the 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage possible. This custom home is located along the Jefferson Canal, right in the heart of I'On Village, Mount Pleasant, SC. Building a high-end custom home in 4 1/2 months is a huge feat! I know my Structures team - they're always up for a challenge. I'd be remiss if I didn't say that we couldn't have done it without our loyal team of suppliers and trades that really stepped up to the plate to bring it altogether on such a short build schedule. Thanks to everyone for such a successful project!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Signs of a Local Recovery.

Charleston Regional Business Journal reports: Residential real estate sales figures in the Charleston area have increased for the second consecutive month, with total sales up 8% and median sale price up 3%. The Charleston Trident Association of Realtors reports that 732 transactions closed in June, up from 678 in May. The median sale price was $192,626, up from $187,000 in May. The modest increases in median price are an excellent indicator of a recovering market

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Great Place to Experience in Our Lowcountry!

If you haven't had a chance to swing by the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park, it's a must see! It's another perfect place for a simple stroll, family friendly places to explore, including a fenced in play area, fishing off the long pier and not to mention the opportunity to put the state dance into practice for shaggin on the pier. I think the pier is a great combination of the long Folly Pier and Water Front park in historic downtown Charleston - even down to the two sided bench swings! Schedule a time to explore this great addition to our Lowcountry!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kind Words From Coastal Living

“It has been nothing short of a wonderful experience to work with Structures on our 2009 Idea Cottage. This program is run on an extremely accelerated schedule and the Structures team far exceeded our expectations without compromising any aspect of the quality or design of the cottage. They were always timely, proficient in their work and so great to communicate with, all which made the building process stress-free, something that definitely keeps a smile on my face.”

Nicole Hendrick ~ Idea Home Manager for Coastal Living Magazine

Friday, July 10, 2009

What does New York City, Athens, Greece, Havana, Cuba and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Have In Common?

Tria Giovan. . . she has an incredible reputation for her amazing photos she's taken all over the U.S. and overseas! Her work has been featured in Metropolitan Home, Mish New York, Traditional Home, Cottage Living, Tiffany & Co, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and Coastal Living. (just to name a very few, take a look at her website to read of her accomplishments) Her work has also been exhibited in The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Jewish Museum and The New York Public Library. We were privileged to have Tria right here in I'On Village, Mount Pleasant, SC to capture the beautiful shots of our 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage. Keep a lookout for the angles Tria was able to capture, inside and out in the 2009 October edition!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charleston's Most Influential Architects, Builders and Interior Designers

Have you picked up your copy of the Summer edition of Charleston Home + Design Magazine? Flip over to page 103 to see that Steve Kendrick was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Builders in Charleston. The magazine chose 10 architects, builders and interior designers that are highly respected by peers and the Charleston community. Each individual listed also reflects and inspires the uniqueness of our beautiful Lowcountry through the homes they design, build and decorate!

Monday, June 22, 2009

One Busy Week to Say the Least

The week started with Nicole Hendrick, Coastal Living Idea Home Manager, coming in from Alabama with interns, Kacy Eoff and Sarah Noel to stage the Idea Cottage for the photo shoot that is scheduled for June 29th-July 2nd. The Idea Home is the first of the 10 courtyard homes to be built in the canal project called the Jefferson Canal Courtyards.

Along with things hopping at the Idea Cottage, throughout the week we continued to wrap up some of the final details for David and Sandy Thomas on their newly renovated home on Kiawah Island. A punch out and Friday closing of our LEED certified I'On cottage located on 4 Perseverance Street for the new owner, Bruce Wofford. Along with a final walk-through with custom home clients, Van and Darlene Fischer for their new home on 8 Perseverance Street.

Exciting and a little hectic all at the same time, but completely worth it! We can't say enough great things about the newest members of the Structures Family!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Congrats to Dave Hargis

Congratulations Dave Hargis on your 4th year with Structures Building Company! You never cease to amaze us with your ability to juggle all the projects we hand to you with even keel and a sense of humor. Last year you met the challenge of overseeing and completing a Habitat house for Latoya and her two girls in one week, this year you successfully ran and completed the Coastal Living Idea Cottage in four and a half months. Does it make you wonder a little what I might hand you next year for your 5th anniversary? Here's to many more years Dave!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Population on Perseverance Street is Growing

Just last month a closing took place on our 32 Perseverance Street home, located in I'On Village, Mount Pleasant, SC. This month, all you need to do is take a little stroll down to the end of the street to see that our LEED certified cottage on 4 Perseverance Street is now under contract! Kim Meyer, with Chuck Avera Keller Williams Realty has successfully landed both of these closings! The saying, "Three times a charm" is out as a little challenge for Kim to see if she will be the one to bring the 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage to the closing table. . . we shall see!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coastal Living Idea Home is Now Officially on The Market

Now is your opportunity to buy into a simplified lifestyle on The Jefferson Canal that this beautiful cottage encourages. This custom home is built to the LEED for Homes standard which provides an energy efficient, healthier environment, and greater sustainablity for you today as well as the future. That "green" element comes coupled with our high standard for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and a focus on the client that Structures has been known for since 1999. This cottage doubles as a haven to retreat or a home where you can open the doors for lively parties, could it be right for you?

Coastal Living idea Cottage Photo Journal

This 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage is changing face so quickly! The exterior details are wrapping up and the colors have gone up on the walls! Everything that's been on the plans or in our heads is finally becoming visible in this beautiful custom home!

The front master balcony that faces Jefferson Canal in the heart of I'On Village

Master Suite Balcony overlooking the soon to be private courtyard

Private courtyard looking into the main living area of the house - kitchen, family room and dining room

Guest Suite balcony over the attached garage looking into the courtyard

Foyer looking into the den

Den Built-ins

Den looking into the Sleeping Nook

Laundry Room

Master Bathroom Vanity

Hall looking into Guest Suite over the garage

Guest Suite Bedroom view looking into the bathroom and hall