Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bottoms Up?

Amy's morning ritual consists of her two cups of java to get her morning started off on the right foot. Doesn't take long to see, that a morning for Amy without coffee isn't very pleasant or productive for that matter. As Accountant, Amy calculates

Drumming It Up

Dave Hargis, drummer of the band, Kurly Wolf headed up to Virgina to raise money in a benefit concert for Captain James Howard. Dave and James met in middle school and have remained friends even as their lives have taken different paths. Dave moved to Charleston and James served in Iraq as a Captain in the Army and trained to be in the Special Forces. His life was altered earlier this year by a swimming accident that left James paralyzed.

Friends and family members immediately rallied around James and continue to support him through this tragedy. Dave Hargis, Nick and Dennis, members of Kurly Wolf, knew that they wanted to be an integral part of this fundraiser to help lighten the financial burden. We are proud to announce that Kurly Wolf and three other bands raised over $12,000 for James as he continues treatment and rehabilitation.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Halfway to a Dozen!

Congratulations to Kristy Gorsuch, Design Manager, for her 6th year anniversary! Thanks for all you've done and continue to do!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Come "Terry" Awhile in a Structures Home

What a way to start off a Monday by seeing our friend and Daniel Island client, Terry Haas, from HGTV's Designed to Sell on the front cover of Charleston Home and Design Magazine! Terry and Tim are a great addition to our ever-growing family of satisfied clients. Don't take it from me. . . click here to read what Terry had to say about about their experience with Structures.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

If Walls Could Talk

We believe that each day is full of opportunities for us to leave our signature on all of our work. As individuals and a team, we keep ourselves accountable to each other but really value the feedback of each of our clients. For many years we've hired GuildQuality, a third party company to survey each of our customers. Each client is asked a series of questions ranging from very specific aspects to their overall experience with us during the building process.

Steve put it best when he said, "GuildQuality has served as a critical feedback loop for our company- feedback that frankly I don't know how we lived without. We are so impressed with the simplicity, professionalism and follow-up of their surveying process, reflected in our 100% response rate. Our staff anxiously awaits each survey, taking the results to heart and helping to drive our customer service culture. GuildQuality has helped to make us a better company."

A recent quote we received on a GuildQuality survey from an out-of-town client,

"They were the greatest team I've ever worked with! They are a bunch of unbelievably professional and excellent group of people who care. We have done a lot of construction, and it is hard to find a company that cares the way that they do. They have done an incredible job!"

To learn more about GuildQuality. . .