Monday, October 26, 2009

Coastal Living Idea Cottage - Kitchen Video Tour & More. . .

Soak in the beautiful details that Lindsey Ellis Beatty, Coastal Living Market and Style Editor,will point out that went into this beautiful design. I remember when designer, Angie Hranowsky showed us the Ann Sacks designer tile for the kitchen wall - completely steals the show!

Check out other videos below that take you room by room through the Idea Cottage and a little tour of I'On Village where it's located! (videos are highlighted in red)

Enjoy the Overview of I'On Village to see the great landscape that surrounds the Jefferson Canal Courtyards where the 2009 Coastal Living Idea Cottage was the first among 10 that will
be built in the heart of I'On Village along the Jefferson Canal.

Come tour through the Exterior and Courtyard details that set this right-sized cottage apart. Many minds have been working tirelessly to figure out how we can make it a low maintenance home that will stand the test of time. From Hardi siding, AAC block, and countless other "green" features that save on energy, efficiency and the wallet! Forget a home that's just "green" but also one that lends itself to a relaxed, simplified and comfortable lifestyle too. A private courtyard for calm evenings or lively parties - yours to decide!

The Master Bedroom is a great getaway that overlooks the Jefferson Canal as well as the private courtyard!

You won't know where to look over dinner in the Dining Room. The bottle cap artwork by Molly B. Right, draws a crowd, as well as the peaceful courtyard with the soothing sound that flows from the fountain along the stucco wall.

The Guest Suite is a hidden haven above the attached garage. Angie Hranowsky did an amazing job creating a soothing environment through the comfortable furnishings and colors that makes you want to sit down and stay for awhile.

Overlooking the Jefferson Canal Courtyard is the cozy Den. Grab the book you've been meaning to finish or curl up and watch a little T.V. in a space that can be closed off with pocket doors. Designed to be a "flex space", the den can also be turned into a 3rd bedroom option as it has direct access to a full bath. If you don't just love the novel idea of a fun sleeping nook, no worries, it can be turned into a walk-in closet, small office or wet bar.

Decorating Small Spaces? This cottage is chocked full of creative ideas in architecture and decorating details that are Caribbean/Island inspired. A beautiful mix of neutral and bold colors, vintage and modern - a new little twist to our beautiful Low Country!

If you missed an opportunity to tour through the home, please call us to schedule a private tour - we'd love the privilege of showing you around! 843.856.6901

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Moods of the Color Pink

They say that different colors create a different mood, Red = Excited, Blue = Calm, Orange = Daring, Gray = Bored. This past Saturday, Pink was the color that painted the streets of Daniel Island and in many cases Pink reflected many moods and feelings that were felt by all - Hope, Fear,Victory, Sadness, Courage, Love.

For the 8th year in a row, Daniel Island residents and businesses hosted the annual Susan G. Komen, Race For the Cure to show their support for those who have been personally touched or know someone dear to them who has been touched by breast cancer.

For me, the names that come to my mind as an inspiration have deeply touched me, directly or indirectly with their battle, they have left their mark on me. I have seen them run with courage, their family and friends battling beside them and they have inspired me to cherish each day I've been blessed with on this earth.

In celebration of Donna's life, many poor families in a remote village in India have been and continue to be touched by her beautiful life as a foundation was set up in honor of her name - her legacy lives on. In my dear friend Sara's life, who carried out her dream of starting her own sewing business, because of the love for sewing and the talent that her amazing mother passed along to her - her mother's legacy lives on. Sandy, a family friend and mother of four who battled and is reminded daily of this disease by the scars she carries on her body - her hope lives on.

Check out the local Post and Courier newspaper article highlighting some of the amazing lives - Proof of a miracle: Racing for a cure.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting the Most Square Footage for Your Money?

When considering building a custom home, it is common for clients to ask the question, "How much is it a square foot?" Seems like a great question to ask, but if they stop with just hearing that number, it also leaves the client lacking important information to help understand how great or poor of an investment they are considering. What if we purchased a car based off that question? You might just end up purchasing...

instead of. . .

You'd have room galore, but could be very unhappy with the end result. A few things that square footage doesn't measure.
  1. Durability - What building methods, seen and unseen, will be used to build your home? How do the they protect your investment? Do they prevent moisture problems behind the walls? Often, client's focus on the interior trim, cabinetry and cabinets, all of which are important, but can mask issues elsewhere.
  2. Electric and Water Bills - What will the average monthly utility bills be after you move in? Clients are often shocked to learn that proper building methods can reduce utility bills by more than $100 each month!
  3. Fine Craftsmanship - Does the home reflect the design quality and timeless details that our designers can help you craft? Will you be proud to show off your new home to your friends and family?
  4. Indoor Air Quality - What methods are used to improve the quality of the air you and your family breath?
  5. Customer Service - When building/buying a home, you are buying a product, process and a promise. Make sure there's a great connection and chemistry with the company you choose to help you select your "haven". Also make sure their reputation reveals that their investment in their clients extends past closing.